Introducing Buhle Bendalo Designs

Helllloooooo 🙂 My name is Buyisiwe Joy Dlamini but most people call me ‘Buyi’ for short and I’m excited to have you here! Whooooop Whoooop!!! I am the Creative Face (wait, does that even exist?) of Buhle Bendalo Designs (aka BBD or Buhle Bendalo). ‘Ubuhle bendalo’ is the isiZulu phrase meaning ‘the beauty of creation’. I love this name so much because it represents any and everything, it represents: our stories; our friendships; our dreams; giving birth; a flower growing through concrete… it represents me.

Buhle Bendalo came about purely because of frustration of life as I knew it. At 24 years, working in Project Management for a construction consulting company, I felt like something was missing. I needed a rebirth. Having studied Economics and Project Management, I knew one part of my brain was definitely in check BUT I had more creative bones than I could use – so why limit myself oh so much? I had spent years at school honing my creativity, but here I was working in a formalized environment and yes, I enjoyed the nitty gritty and the dirt but I knew I wanted more and so I enrolled in Interior Design and then Wedding Planning and Styling. I fell in love immediately. I felt at home and I knew that these were paths which resonated with my spirit.

And so, this space is one for showcasing all the beautiful things Buhle Bendalo Designs creates and loves. This is a creative space with no limits. Expect to see projects from inception to hand-over in both Events and Interiors. Expect to see this baby grow from strength to strength. I believe that there are no limits to where we could take this. At this rate, I cannot imagine any limitation to the content I could cover and the work I could do. Impossible is nothing, right?

Being a beginner is very humbling but necessary. I want to speed off into my bright future at 220kms/hr. But it is so refreshing to know that I would be arrested on a South African national road. This analogy calms me down so much and it enforces the patience I need to master my art and simultaneously share it with the world.

I’m an energy junky and my great hope is to change the energy of the spaces I occupy.

On this chilly Tuesday morning in Johannesburg, South Africa,


B :)x

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